creating my 2024 vision board

it's that time again to create a vision board for the new year!

creating my 2024 vision board
manifesting a great 2024
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I have heard of vision boards many many many years ago, but I never took the time to actually create one. I’ll be honest, I thought it was stupid.

But it wasn’t until I was watching Asia Jackson’s vlogs a few years ago that I ended up watching one of her vision board videos. As a true influencer she is, it convinced me to start making my own vision board.

my past vision boards

After watching her vision board video, I quickly made one for the rest of 2022 and I figured to manifest it into 2023.

my very first vision board

It’s simple but I’m already cringing by looking at it. I wish I could figure out the exact date when I made this, but I’m pretty sure this was made after I was laid off from my old job. And then of course, if you know my story, the rest of 2022 was quite a disaster.

I wanted the vision board to show off strong women. More climbing. Reach my YouTube goal of 1000 subscribers. And get out of my debt.

The goals were there, I think I had the right intentions, but I don't think it fully captures what I was trying to manifest.

Moving into 2023, here’s what I created to manifest as I knew life was going to change a lot for me.

my 2023 vision board

I basically made an updated version of the previous one and expanded it more to an actual desktop wallpaper. I carried over a couple of themes from the previous one such as climbing, 1000 YouTube subscribers, women empowerment, and getting out of debt.

Some of the new things I included were the birds, a skateboard, hiking, my blog, and the Statue of Liberty for NYC and the Bean (it’s actually called Cloudgate) for Chicago.

But looking at this 2022 vision board, I still don’t think I had the right idea what I was going for. I knew I was going to Chicago. New York will always be home. But it doesn’t tell you much about what I’m trying to manifest.

Again, I had the right idea, but not exactly a great manifestation vision board. However, I do think I was on the right track with all this. I did do more birding this year. I did travel a couple of times. But no skateboard progress, blog or 1k subscribers this year either.

This past month, I watched one of my favorite YouTubers, Catherin Manning, create her vision board for 2024. She always has a nice clean look to her vision board and I wish I was more of a minimalist like her. I need my color, but this year, she gave me an idea how to create my 2024 one.

introducing my 2024 vision board

While I was waiting for my early Christmas dinner with my family, I decided to create my vision board for 2024 to kill time. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for cleaning it up for the upcoming year.

my 2024 vision board

If you haven’t noticed one particular theme that I have in all my vision boards is that I love the beach. Summer is my favorite season of the year, and I truly always feel happier during the summer time. 

Lately, I started to embrace my childhood favorite colors (yes, I change my favorite color depending on my mood and age), which are pink and purple. In the last year or so, I’ve been gravitating to a lot of pink and purple sky images. I have yet to witness a gorgeous skyline with those colors in person, but I do know that it exists.

To keep up with the theme, I found a gorgeous pink and purple skyline on the beach and I figured it would be my background for this year’s vision board.

i wish i knew where this place is, but it's so pretty 🥹

This time around, I decided to drop the clipart images and stick with stock photos to make it look clean and neat.

For 2024, I could see myself really working hard on my blog and YouTube channel, so we got those two images at the right in the middle of the top row.

I included an image of two women gaming because I want to get back into streaming on Twitch, however, I never did any collaborations during my time. I did mostly single-player games (Kingdom Hearts & Pokemon). But this year I want to try to get at least 1 or 2 collaborations with other streamers.

And over on the far left, is a cute little studio apartment. Ambitious, I know. I am very grateful to be living with family while I pay down my debt, but it's a nice goal to achieve once I am debt-free.

I excluded the 1k subscribers and the "get out of debt" images because if I see myself working hard with content creation, then I know I will be able to achieve these two long-standing goals of mine.

The middle row are the ways I want to move. We have air travel & train travel - so manifesting lots of traveling again. But I really want to push myself to learn how to skateboard since I have a penny board that’s been collecting dust. So we're keeping that in there to remind myself to take baby steps first like learning how to balance and stop. We'll get there eventually 😅

I’m also manifesting a new vehicle called the Rivian - an electric SUV. I saw one or two of these cars in the dark around Chicago, and the headlights are so unique, that it really caught my attention. It wasn’t until I saw this Reel with iJustine mentioning she joined the Rivian family which is how I learned that this is the name of that vehicle. It’s now a dream car of mine, so I’m throwing it in this year’s vision board.

Lastly, the bottom row are the other goals that I want to work on. I still want to climb more and try some outdoor bouldering. I still want to do more hikes and outdoor adventures. As for birds, I used a Piping Plover image because I want to save the Piping Plovers, bring more awareness, and more birding adventures too.

The final new image that I added is an image of a woman speaker. I want to get better at public speaking whether it's in front of a camera for YouTube or in-person in front of a larger audience or conference. It’s a skill I know that’s going to take a lot of courage and practice but I’m starting to believe that I’m totally capable of making it happen.

I want to motivate people to do better for themselves as I am trying to do that for myself. And the only way to motivate other people is to be better at public speaking. I believe that 2024 will get me there and I’m hopeful that this skill will catapult a new version of Jemellee this year.

So there you have it. A huge difference between my 2023 vision board vs my 2024 one. Doesn’t it look great on my desktop now!?

Seeing this puts a huge grin on my face, and I hope whenever I open my laptop next year, that it will keep me focused on my goals for my current and upcoming life.

Have you created a vision board yet for 2024? If not, do you have any goals that you want for yourself next year? Let me know!


Thanks for reading!

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