Dear Future Partner: Dating

I just want us to do something fun and stimulating. Things that could bring out our personality more.

Dear Future Partner: Dating
Let's get that spare

Dear Future Partner,

I mentioned attraction previously in my last letter, and it got me thinking about ways how to maintain the attraction.

And it’s going on dates.

Not to say my ex and I didn’t go on dates. But we didn’t go often anymore towards the end of our relationship.

And I hope that doesn’t happen between us even long after we’re together. Whether we’re married or not. Let’s keep planning dates.

Besides the usual dinner dates. Because that’s always going to be the default.

Let’s do fun things.

Let’s find a free activity in the city. Or let’s do a day trip to a national park.

Let’s do a stupid stay-at-home thing like building Legos, painting, or even playing board game or a card game.

We can even take a simple walk together.

I just want us to do something fun and stimulating. Things that could bring out our personality more.

Last week, I actually shared a YouTube Short where I started to get more comfortable at the idea of dating again.

I’ve been hesitant about jumping back into the dating pool after my break-up. And I actually don’t plan on getting into another serious relationship any time soon.

I need to be single for a while. Like for a long while. A real LONG time.

But if someone asks me out today, I won’t be against it.

So hey, Future Partner. I hope you catch me at the right time in my life.

Where I’m even more comfortable about dating. When I’m happier doing my single life activities. And when I am just simply at the right mindset about life.

Let’s forever keep on dating each other and never let the romance die.


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