i created my first journal prompt pack

journaling is my no-cost therapy and y'all should give it a try

jemellee is has her sony headphones on while journaling in the last few pages of her journal
journaling is my therapy

you gotta start somewhere right? but let me take you to the beginning:

when i got laid off last year, that also meant losing my health insurance. it was a kick in the gut since it was so helpful for me with my fibroids and finally signing up for therapy when my mental health was in a downward spiral.

luckily, my therapist was able to put me in a sliding scale to pay in cash to continue our sessions and see each other every other week since she was fully aware about my financial crisis at the time.

however, since i was moving out of NY to Chicago, we wouldn't be able to continue our sessions which left me with "nothing" to deal with my issues that i was still working on.

then i came across with the JoClub on my Instagram. it was about a week before i had left for Chicago and i came to learn that it was a journaling club. i knew that i had to sign up.

my handy dandy notebook since 2021

fast forward to now: even though i didn't continue with my membership due to financial reasons, it did give me the kickstart to keep on journaling. i forgotten how much i loved to write in my little notebook, and the JoClub introduced me to prompts.

they provided so many interesting questions that really got me thinking hard and writing my thoughts onto the paper. instead of doing a whole word vomit as a journal entry, this allowed me to word vomit on a singular subject instead of the multiple topics that was on my mind that day.

journaling became my no-cost therapy. and i encourage others who are like me to give it a try.

when i thinking about this journal prompt pack, i was in a whole analysis paralysis - overthinking shit and not taking any action. but it wasn't until i came across this instagram post that kinda smacked me to f*cking do something.

so here it is - my first free journal prompt pack. i hope y'all like the 3 questions that i curated together and i hope it will get you to start journaling more.

Thanks for reading!

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