I want this to be the official “memoir” of my life

I want this to be the official “memoir” of my life
Photo by LUM3N / Unsplash

I know that I keep bouncing around to different websites and platforms, but now that I’ve tried almost everything possible, I’m ready to stick to one place for all of my written content.

Did Xanga back in grade school

I’ve tried 750words.com

Did the whole Tumblr thing back in college

Enjoyed using Medium.com

Managed an entire WordPress

And now I have my other site on SquareSpace

After almost 15+ years of writing on all these different sites, I’m ready to settle with something that I am comfortable with and try to keep it super simple.


Here it is, welcome to jemellee.com - the official blog/website/newsletter whatever it may be. Here is where I’ll be documenting everything about my life.

From learning my Tagalog classes, my fitness journey, and probably me ranting about money or family.

Anyways, I don’t know how often I’ll be writing, but I do know that whenever I get the urge to write, I just want to write it without any care or so much edits in the process.

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