Vlogging is freakin HARD

I miss when I could record my day, edit it together, and upload it for others who might want to watch it.

Vlogging is freakin HARD
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If you didn’t know, I started my vlog channel on YouTube a few months ago as I got tired of trying to create gaming content on my Jempanada channel.

I miss when I could record my day, edit it together, and upload it for others who might want to watch it. YouTube is so much different from the early days, but I think that’s the strategy I'm going for: Showing off my day-to-day life when I’m running errands, going on lunch dates, or even when I’m documenting my fitness progress.

I’ve always hated the idea of niching down, so I finally said to myself, “Just do this for you, and no one else. If people happen to like it, then that’s a plus.”

All I’m using to vlog is my designated vlog phone, a tripod, and a little mic that I would insert in the mic jack so the sound quality is a bit better. If you want a whole list of my gear, here is my vlogging gear kit.

I don’t have a lot but I did invest in a lot of tools over the years, and needed to keep things simple.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a schedule as it always changes week by week, so I film whenever I think there’s a great moment to capture or if I need to grab some B-Roll for later on.

What content I'm working on right now

I'm currently vlogging as normal as I've mentioned about my day-to-day life.

But so far it seems my focus for content in this channel is on my climbing progress. I started to climb back in the fall 2021 because

1. I was inspired by the Olympics and

2. I needed a new physical hobby that would challenge my body to get back into shape.

If you're interested, watch my climbing vlogs playlist below!

I’m loving it a lot and I need to keep reminding myself that I don’t need to worry about the numbers. I know I want to get it monetized but I need to forgive myself when I don’t do this on a weekly basis or whatever.

As long as the quality of the content I’m sharing is good, then that part of my goal will finally come through eventually.

In the meantime, sometimes plans don't always come through or life gets in the way (cus I lost the energy to get back on the editing horse for a while), sometimes you gotta scrap what you had in mind, and go in a different direction.

And that's what I did for my February vlog. I meant to do this whole celebration thing since it was my 33rd birthday and a few things were wrapping up in my life.

But it ended up being one of the busiest months so far and I just couldn't make the time to turn it into the video I wanted. So here's all the B-roll clips into one 😅

my february 2022 vlog

And that's it for this post!

Please subscribe to my vlog channel if you haven’t gotten the chance and let me know if there’s anything else you want to see from me!

Thanks for reading!

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