My 2023 personal goals

I do tend to overwhelm myself with ambitious goals, I think this year I’m going to set smaller goals with realistic deadlines.

My 2023 personal goals
At Rockaway Beach for some volunteering

I’m late. I’m late. I’m late late late with this. But I’m finally here, so let’s do this!

Last year, I made some 2022 goals for myself to follow. I don’t have a blog post talking about it, but I do have a YouTube video that covers this.

If you don’t have time to watch, here’s my 2022 goals:

2022 Goals

3 month goals

  • Fitness - walk at the park, yoga, climbing
  • Practice baybayin
  • Practice lettering
  • Drinking more water

6 month goals

  • Complete Japanese Duolingo course
  • Clear up face (No dry patches)
  • Declutter closet

9 month goals

  • Get YouTube channel(s) monetized
  • Play 50% of my video game back log
  • Send V4 climbs

12 month goals

  • Pay down 75% of credit card debt
  • Learn conversation Tagalog

I was somewhat on track at the start, but then as I mentioned in a previous post, life wasn’t kind to me and I lost sight of what I was trying to work on due to the depression and lack of motivation I had for the rest of the year.

Looking back at my notebook, I could say that I got 50% of these goals done.

Some were ambitious like the Duolingo course and YouTube channel monetization, but I’m glad that I could check off the V4 climbs and I guess the conversational Tagalog.

I may not have a full on conversation in Tagalog yet, but I’m finally forming the simple sentences with my teacher and I’m still taking my weekly classes with her! My 1 year anniversary with her is approaching very soon and I feel like I’ve made some good progress.

If you’re interested in learning Tagalog or any other language with an actual tutor, I highly recommend italki and give it a shot!

With climbing, I’ve been on and off with it. My schedule gets so hectic, and with the new route setter, sending V2s and V3s are hard again.

But sending a V4 when I’m not tired feels great when I get it right.

I think when I get to Chicago, I’ll probably try to go everyday just to make more significant progress because I currently feel so stagnant at the moment.

At least now with this blog, I can keep a record of this so I can look back and see what I was trying to work on.

And knowing that I do tend to overwhelm myself with ambitious goals, I think this year I’m going to set smaller goals with realistic deadlines. So here’s what I came up with for my 2023 goals:

2023 Goals

3 month goals

  • Build my habit of writing weekly blog posts

6 month goals

  • Write baybayin

9 month goals

  • Play 50% of backlogged games

12 month goals

  • Get YouTube channel monetized
  • Pay down 70% of credit card debt
  • Have a full-on conversation in Tagalog

Bonus goals

  • Join a volleyball league
  • Travel to a new place at least once a month
  • Longboard down the Chicago coastline
  • Create at least 3 canvas watercolor paintings
  • Learn more about film photography
  • Finish a Duolingo course

Going to start with 1 goal, and add in 1 more goal every 3 months until the 12 month goal. I think these are quite manageable plus it gives me time to start working on them any time of the year.

Some are repeated goals from last year, but I added in the Bonus Goals as side quests so I don’t feel overly guilty if I haven’t even tried to attempt any of them.

Hopefully I can provide a quarterly update like I had originally planned last year, so that way I can adjust if necessary.

I hope everyone had a great start of their year 2023, and let me know if you have set up any personal goals for 2023 in the comments below!


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